Vittoria Corsa Speed Road Tyre (£49.99)

Using Graphene+, a revolutionary substance that is only 1 atom thick but 200 times harder than steel and the lightest material known to man, the already excellent Corsa has been improved.

When tested against the standard Corsa, the Corsa G+ was found to have 19% less rolling resistance. It's Intelligent Tyre System (ITS) ensures you are fully equipped for the riding conditions.

When the road is straight, the compound will be at its hardest, ensuring minimal rolling resistance. During braking, acceleration or cornering, the compound becomes softer for maximum grip.


  • Performance road clincher with Graphene+
  • Provides uncompromising speed, grip and durability
  • Intelligent Tyre System (ITS) provides the perfect amount of grip to reduce rolling resistance
  • Weight: 235g (700x23c)