Pay 32% or even 42% less for your new bike - all at 0% APR

Examples of our Cycle2Work Winners:

Giant Stance  £679 (£57/month)  rather than £999

Giant Stance
£679 (£57/month) rather than £999

Orbea MX10  £489   (£41/month)  rather than  £719

Orbea MX10
£489 (£41/month) rather than  £719

Cinelli Experience  £679   (£57/month)  rather than £999

Cinelli Experience
£679 (£57/month) rather than £999

Orbea Alma H50 29er  £598   (£50/month)  rather than £879

Orbea Alma H50 29er
£598 (£50/month) rather than £879

Cycle 2 Work with 0% APR is simply marvellous - and is as straightforward as this:

1. Choose the bike you want
2. Tell us in the shop
3. We give you the written quotation for the bike
4. You give that quotation to your employer, who gives you a Cycle2Work code in return
5. You give us the code, we give you the bike (no money required)

Your employer then collects the 0% APR discounted amount from you spread over 12 months, interest free

You only pay the discounted part of the cost, the tax-man (or woman) pays the rest!
Whether the reduction in cost is 32% or 42% depends on whether or not you are a higher rate tax payer

Since the reduced cost is spread interest free - normally over 12 monthly 0% APR payments -
you can typically have a £1,000 worth of bike for £57 a month, or a £500 bike for £28 a month.
You can add helmet, lights, lock, gloves and the like to the discount so you save on those at the same time.

Why not come and speak to us in the shop for a specific quotation?